How It Works

Ready to Sell Your Car, Truck, SUV, or RV?

Let us take the hassle out of selling your vehicle and paying for ads. You can avoid answering calls at all hours and having strangers come to your house, “tire-kickers”, and waiting for no shows while you could be out with your friends.

Why Ryan Auto RV?

Maximum Value – Avoid getting that low trade – in price at a dealership.  Dealership’s often get your car at a price that is 15% to 25% less than the private party value.

Excellent Exposure – We have 20,000 vehicles passing our location daily plus we advertise locally and nationally.

Serious Buyers – We weed out the “tire-kickers” and find the serious buyers.  Don’t sit at home waiting for buyers that never show up…enjoy time with your friends and family while we do the work.

Security – Don’t let strangers come to your house, sell your vehicle from our safe and secure location.  We handle all inquiries, test-drives, and inspections.

We sell only consignment vehicles so you don’t have to worry about us pushing our vehicles or new vehicles.

We only make money when we sell your vehicle so that means we work very hard to make a sale so we both get paid.

What Do I Need To Bring?

  • Title or Loan Payoff Statement
  • Registration
  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Keys

Additional Services We Offer:

A clean and inspected vehicle sells fastest!  We work with a detailing company to get your vehicle looking great!  We also can have your vehicle inspected if that is something that you want done.  Check with us on pricing for these services.  We also can provide you with batteries for all vehicles and if you are in need of parts we may be able to help you with them to get your vehicle ready to sell.  If your vehicle needs to be transported to our location we will do that for a charge based on the distance.

Pricing for Detailing Services:

Complete Reconditioning: Wash, engine degrease, shampoo interior, polish, shine, and windows


  • Cars  $135.00
  • Trucks and SUV’s  $155.00
  • Vans and Large Vehicles   $170.00

Complete, no Engine degrease

  • Cars   $120.00
  • Trucks and SUV’s   $140.00
  • Vans and Large Vehicles   $155.00

Polish and Shine: Wash, vacuum, and wipe interior, polish, shine, and windows

  • Cars   $100.00
  • Trucks and SUV’s   $115.00
  • Vans and Large Vehicles $130.00

Wax (Hand Wax)

  • Cars   $75.00
  • Trucks and SUV’s   $85.00
  • Vans and Large Vehicles   $100.00

RV’s and Travel Trailers Prices Vary depending on Size and Exterior Type —Ask For Quote

How It Works

  • Bring your vehicle to our lot
  • We will assist you in setting a sale price based on the condition of your vehicle and current values
  • We will take photos and advertise it both locally and nationally
  • We weed out the “tire-kickers”, take offers, and negotiate the price
  • You Sign Over the title
  • You receive the cash

Why Consignment?

Consignment is a  smart, hassle free way to sell vehicles.

It’s chose by clients who:

  • Do not want severely discounted trade-in values offered at new vehicle dealerships.
  • Do not want to waste their free time negotiating with people who are “just looking” and indecisive.
  • Do not want the hassle of advertising, marketing, and selling their vehicle.  They understand that Saturdays and evenings are better spent on other activities.
  • Selling vehicles on consignment puts more money in your pocket.
  • We are able to provide help with financing and able to provide warranties on the vehicles being sold which private party sales can’t do.

What happens when someone wants to buy my vehicle?

Congratulations! Once a buyer makes an offer that is acceptable to you, we make the arrangements to finalize the deal.  Process the paperwork, and prepare the vehicle for delivery.  Once the vehicle is delivered you receive your payment within 5 days.  We will present you any offers that are made on your vehicle.

What if my vehicle is over 20 years old?

We love all kinds of vehicles…old and new!  Classic Cars we handle in a different manner.  You bring the car to our lot and we go over the process, photograph, and do the paperwork.  You then take your car back home to the garage.  Why keep your classic beauty at home?  We’ve found that classic cars generate largely phone interest (as opposed to visitors dropping by the lot in person)  and are often purchased from out of state buyers, so an appointment based system works best.  We still handle everything but you keep your beauty safe inside the garage.

Sell Your Fleet Vehicles

We work with companies of all sizes to sell their corporate cars, work trucks, vans and any other fleet vehicles.  Our consignment services saves you time and money.  Please contact us with any questions on how are consignment services work with Fleet customers.

What does it cost to sell my vehicle?

There are no upfront fees to sell you vehicle.  Once we sell your vehicle we charge a 9% success fee on the selling price.  We don’t get paid unless we sell your vehicle, therefore we work very hard to make a sale.